Summer Camp 2021 with Jen Ledger

Join lead singer of LEDGER and drummer for Skillet, Jen Ledger, for acoustic performances, never before seen footage of Jen’s unusual life, a live Q&A and more!


Summer Camp 2021 with Blake Guichet

Join Blake for unscripted talk, laughs, and a LIVE Q&A! This exclusive event is unlike any livestream you’ve seen before!


Summer Camp 2021 with Ashley Henriott

Join Ashley Henriott for a night of games, dancing, and a chance to make a video with the TikTok queen herself!


Summer Camp 2021 with Sara Hall

Join Sara Hall for a summer running camp where she’ll be sharing all her secrets of training, nutrition, recovery, and goal setting to get you back on track!


The Encounter Tour 2021

Join New York Times’ best-selling author and speaker Lysa TerKeurst for The Encounter Tour 2021!


Unite To Fight Poverty

A two-hour concert event to benefit the most vulnerable affected by COVID-19 and other natural disasters.


Experiences that Matter

Compassion LIVE, established in 2014 by Compassion International, provides the highest quality events for families to join together and grow with others in faith. Compassion LIVE partners with impact making leaders, artists and communicators to produce lifechanging events that share the message of faith and impact the church for children around the world.